On this page are a list of recent people to fill out the survey and news from other Jonesians.

Last updated October 18, 1998.

Here are the new additions, i.e. new people who have filled out the survey.

Black, Diana
Davis, Ben (added 4/14/1999)
Dowe, Kate (added 11/26/1999)
Elesh, Ron (added 11/3/1999)
Fowler, Rachel
Hall, Karen
Hickling, William
McCord, Alex
White, Heather
Williams, Jean

News from Jonesians.

News from Larry:I have moved to rural Missouri, in July of 1999, because I got a job as an assistant professor of education. I got married in June of 1999.

News from Katie:I married Ernst Rampen on Augist 21, 1999. http://www.geocities.com/~jwatari/wedding99.html

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