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Jones Surveys

Amstutz, Katie (Now Katie Rampen)
Black, Diana
Braver, Ross
Brown, Todd
Carroll, Valinda
Check, John
Costin, Delida
Davis, Ben
Dicarlo, Lisanne
Dowe, Kate
Elesh, Ron
Ellis, Kate
Fowler, Rachel
Gelbuda, Mary Beth
Glawatz, Peter
Gold, Bart
Hall, Karen
Hickling, Bill
Hirsch, David
Karsten, Laurie
Kaufman, Tamara
Lakin, Tim
Lovelady, Kate
McCord, Alex
McIlveen, Frank
Metzger, Michael
Nash, Dan
Newman, Rochelle
Park, Allison
Pollock, Dawn (Now Dawn Pollock Jones)
Pottor, Cindy
Rogge, Gretchen
Sandige, Heidi
Siperstein, Sip
Weinberg, Larry
White, Heather
Williams, Jean

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Jones Alum Information

The unofficial Wayne V. and Elizabeth R. JONES Fine and Performing Arts Residential College Alum Survey

Name (name while lived at Jones, if different, state whether in case of marriage or sex change):

Years Lived at Jones (and Roommates, if any):

Year Graduated NU, School:

Email address/Webpage:

Snail mail address (that's postal address for you computer illiterates):

What have you been doing since? Include items such as the following: marital status, graduate work, employment, children (legitimate or not), travels around the world, fetishes (only ones developed since leaving Jones), post-graduate tattoos, Major Motion Pictures (include role), future plans, color of your parachute, recipes you've created or adapted (not your favorite SAGA dessert), favorite vacation spot, a description of your mouse pad, decaf or hi-test, post-graduation revelations about Northwestern (e.g., the SAGA dessert you crave, the Armadillo Day activity you miss most, where you left your elevator key; not that Arnold Weber was a dweeb or that "DPS sucks moosecock," that was during college), items I forgot to add to this list.

Feel free to send this survey to fellow Jonesians via snail mail. Just make sure it gets sent to Larry by email (my contact info). Please also send Larry any email addresses of Jonesians you have.

Sorted by Freshman year at NU.
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