Freshman year 1991

Davis, Ben | McCord, Alex

Ben Davis

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): 1991-1992, Luke Cantarella

Year Graduated NU, School: 1995, Illinois Wesleyan University

Email address/Webpage:

Snail mail address: 99 Jersey Street, #15 San Francisco, CA 94114

What have you been doing since? Master of Music, 1996. San Francisco Conservatory of Music President and Co-Founder, A La Musique, San Francisco, CA 1997-present Information Systems Manager, Jurika & Voyles Investment Management, Oakland CA 1997-Present. I still see Jonesians Michael Metzger and Maurissa Afanador almost EVERY DAY!

Alex McCord

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): Lived in Jones 1991-1993 (Freshman roommate Hillary Cooperman)

Year Graduated NU, School: School of Speech, 1994

Email address/Webpage: or

Snail mail address: Available from Larry to Jonesians only.

What have you been doing since? Well, from the listings on this site I just might be the youngest Jonesian filling this out, but I was a freshman when such esteemed seniors as Bill Hickling, Dan Nash and Gunter Kalogridis were roaming the 4th floor. Yes, I remember you, Larry. So I left the U. in 1994, flying off to Italy in hopes of taking the fashion world by storm. Well, if no storm occurred, at least money was made. I worked as a model there for a year, came back to Chicago, wrote a book about it, got a publisher interested and told them to bite me when the bureaucrats started their agenda, and then I started planning to attack.... just kidding. Anyway, the book was written to blow off steam, which it certainly did. Fast forward to today (10/17/98). I'm in NYC, a real-live, living-earning, unionized actress. This has been a banner year for characters-- I played Monica Lewinsky (yes, with considerable padding,) in an original satire, an elevator-throwing superhero as the voice for Birdy in the Japanimation series "Birdy the Mighty," and am now playing God in an equally original farce. Wahoo!! I buried my Great Room kitchen key next to the brick wall outside Jones, and future plans include demanding a world-wide audience for my films. Heh, heh, heh. _______________ PS - Bill Hickling just moved to NYC-- his email's the same. Alex

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