Freshman year 1989

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Mary Beth Gelbuda

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any):

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My web page address complete with soundbites from my disc on real audio and lots of pretty pictures is

Snail mail address: P.O. Box 4093, Park City, Utah 84060

What have you been doing since? Hi Lar and other Jonesians, This is Mary Beth Gelbuda, Class of 93 -- I lived at Jones in 89 and 90 with Amy Conn, who I have lost touch with but think has gotten married to her accompanist. (106 and 306 respectively, I think). Things are well, I'm living out in Park City, Utah and singing for a living. I tour a little bit, have recently released an album ("Something Real") and am engaged to a great guy, another NU alum named Mark Maziarz. (He was an RA at Elder(?) in 88-89 in case the name sounds familiar.) I did some film music a while back for a movie called "Coyote Summer." My song "One with the Wind" is fairly schmaltzy and movielike and plays over the credits. It's in videostores and is playing on HBO this month. (September). I'm currently working on some film music for an indie called "Caviar Dreams" being done by Matt Pastorius and some of his friends from LA. So maybe they'll (and we all) will get lucky and it will make the festival circuit next year. My favorite saga food had to be the BLOCK of cream cheese that I used to steal in order to make dips for performance hours, etc. But really Bill Hickling had it all going on foodwise much more than saga.

Bart Gold

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): 2 years.. Kieth 'I disavow all responsibility for this maniac' Crouse, and
Tim 'Ow, a gear has lodged between my toes' Lakin.

Year Graduated NU, School: RTVF '93.

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What have you been doing since? What have I been doing. First and foremeost I'm proud to report I am no longer the high strung motherfucker I was upon arriving at school. For those who have forgiven me, consider yourself sainted.
I came to LA about a month after graduation, been here ever since. Spent some time as a software punk, in image processing, then in CD-Rom. Worked on projects for BB King, Deepak Chopra and once worked directly for Gerry Casale, of DEVO fame.
After CD companies kept dying on me I lapsed into being a full time script reader- which has actually been a good thing. It makes my writing a lot sharper, and lets me lord my editorial skills over such heavyweights as Corbin Bernsen, Mike McGlone (The middle brother mcmullen), and also some established writers. My job is basically to do an elaborate book report on someone's script and based on that report the studio decides not to read the script themselves.
As far as the art goes- it goes good. If y'all were around and saw enough sculpture my sophomore year, you'd be pleased to see my work has evolved. I'm somewhere between Degas and Tim Burton. Mostly still statues.
Mostly it's been a lot of close calls.. I was breifly submitting to Beavis and Butthead. I've written 7 feature film scripts, since NU, and some TV. I was breifly submitting to Beavis and Butthead. Since I've been kicking filmic ass and I'm currently being looked at by a lot of big budget film companies...
But enough biz: you want the celebrity dirt. My top 12 celbrity run-ins are.
Scaring Tony Curtis: Walking on Sunset Blvd near the rock clubs I hear footfalls behind me. Expecting the worst after a block I spin around and scare the bejeezus out of Tony Curtis. Quit following me Tony Curtis!
Flattening Kevin Costner: Not quite. Was about one speed bump away from running him over on my way out of the Warner Bros. lot. He gave me a very deft 'learn to drive, asshole' kind of look.
Flattening Brendan Frasier: Now this I came much much closer to doing during the song 'Till My Head Falls Off' at a They Might Be Giants concert out here.
'Buy You A Beer, Commander?': Ran into Jonathan Frakes, Star Trek's Commander Riker, at the LA Jewish/Chinese restaurant and bar 'Ghengis Cohen'. Allowed myself a moment of sheer nerdiness and asked him the noted question. He chuckled merrily, but didn't take the beer.
'Masturbation is futile': In a somewhat related bit of nerdiness, I was in the same bar for the halloween contest dressed as a Borg, and ran into sultry Laura San Giocomo from Sex Lies and Videotape. (My first Jones crowd movie excursion, so happens) She couldn't hear me very well and ran away rather fast.
Yo, Mr, Drummond! Yes that's right, Conrad Bain- TV's Mr. Drummond, again at Ghengis Cohen. Most surprisingly he looks exactly the same as he did on Diffrent Strokes.
Joe Buck meets Cyberbeast: Per an acquaintance I actually went to meet Jon Voight in his office in century city.. I was auditioning my statues to be extras in his movie 'Tin Soldier', which went straight to video. No my work didn't get in the movie, but he said it was very creative.
Ray Feinnes: Got planted right next to him as an extra on Strange Days, in which I am one of about 400 'LA WIERDOS" in the big night club scene. Sadly the best shot featuring a close up of me and my wire dragon epaulettes didn't make the final film. If you had a lazerdisc you just might be able to see me in another shot, yelling at the in-club cage of book burning Nazis.
Height Differential: This weekend in Santa Monica I saw Jerry Seinfeld almost step on Dudley Moore. No bullshit! Jerry walks very fast and Dudley is very little. Jerry, Dudley. Dudley, Jerry.
Cousin Oliver rides again: Now this is such a long story I can barely address it, but the fill-in youngster from the late seasons of Brady Bunch, Cousin Oliver, is now a major unsigned rocker out here. He's got about 14 bands he plays in, some of which are quite good, esp Wonderboy and The Andersons. I've been seeing him play gigs for at least 2 1/2 years by now..
Pez Fiction: Two brand new friends of mine have known Quentin Tarantino for years, and worked with him in the infamous video store. They found out that I had made a set of pez fiction- John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson as pez. So I made another set and they gave them to Quentin. He said they were cool.
and lastly.. I dream of Janeane... I have actually met Janeane Garofalo several times. She's so darn humble.. I met her at a rock show and she couldn't even be persuaded to get in line with me. We also have the same taste in improv. Too bad she's in New York so much.

Tim Lakin

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): Former denizen of 1 blue (with the lovely, the talented, the lanky DAVE PARK!!) as well as 4 puce (or whatever color it was--it was still the largest room in the dorm, which I shared with the creative, the congenial, the maddest cap,

Year Graduated NU, School: Speech '93 (theatre--I can just write my own ticket!)

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What have you been doing since? Since Graduation, the often reasonably coherent Tim Lakin has moved west to the mall-halla that is greater Los Angeles, where he lives in one of the few nicer spots in the city, a building nestled in the Hollywood Hills, where he is often seen grilling on his roof while hawks circle above his head. Tim works at an endlessly exciting job at Princess Cruise lines, where he is an Administrative Assistant!! who basically does most of the real work in the department in charge of the gift shops on board (our motto--people on vacation will buy anything!!) And he also works as a Script Analyst!! Where he gets paid reasonable sums of money making book reports for Wind Dancer Films, a part of Disney.
Tim has abandoned a questionable and strange pursuit of acting for an even more strange attempt at a career in writing (something, for someone), or wherever life in L.A. takes him.
He enjoys cooking (favorites: anything in the house pizzas, brownies, food from Trader Joe's), collecting vintage toys, clothes, and so forth, and hiking, among other things. His greatest goal in life is to have as much fun as possible, no matter where he is put. He also enjoys writing, as this exemplifies, so drop him a line, hear about his many strange adventures, and get a FREE T-SHIRT!!

Michael Metzger (RA)

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): 1 None -I was an RA

Year Graduated NU, School: 1993

Email address/Webpage:

Snail mail address: 3347 22 St, San Francisco, CA 94110

What have you been doing since? Well, let's see.
Love/Sex: I've had three real relationships. I dumped the first one. The other two dumped me (one because he has a sexual addiction -who knew?) I know it's a cliche, but I'm glad, because I learned from all three experiences. I learned about myself, and about what I want in a relationship. Now, when the right man comes along, I'll know sooner, and with more certainty. In the meantime, however....
Fetishes -leather, bondage and discipline, S&M. This stuff is not forever with me. It's something that I enjoy experimenting with while I'm young and single. Ultimately I expect to be in a regular guppie monogamous relationship with a cat and two adopted children.
Note to my residents: Remember that after my year with you, I was on staff at Willard. While I loved Willard, I surely wouldn't tell THEM that I've been tied up and whipped. You guys have always been special to me.
I have no tattoos, but that decision is not closed with me. Anybody out there want to see any art on my body? You all are the most creative people I've known. Who better to make a suggestion?
Employment: I'm a systems analyst (just like every other twenty-something gay man in California). I hate my job (just like...). I'm planning to start looking for work in training.
I've studied American Sign Language (ASL) and I highly recommend it to ALL people. Communicating without speaking is powerful and exciting.
I've also taken several acting classes. You guys always knew that I was a drama queen at heart. Next for me, probably improv.
Major movie roles: I play a lovable but unpopular journalist who goes back to high school and finds love for the first time in a cute comedy called, "Never Been Kissed." It was a lot of fun to make. Rush out and see it.
Favorite vacation spot: I love Disneyland. Does that make me geeky? (Like there isn't already a list a mile long of things that do!)
Lastly, Thanks to Jones, all my residents, and Laurie for giving me the best year of my life! I know that this sounds like an empty compliment from some boring pop singer, on stage, but I really mean it. I often look back and realize that I was happiest when I was in college. And junior year was my best year there! Growing, as I have been since college, I can feel that I am going to achieve that kind of happiness again soon. But until that happens, you guys will be my fondest memory.

-Michael (guh)

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