Freshman year 1988

Black, Diana | Brown, Todd | Elesh, Ron | Fowler, Rachel | Hickling, Bill | Karsten, Laurie | Nash, Dan | Pollock, Dawn | Williams, Jean

Diana Lee Black

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): 1988-89, Molly; 89-90 Laura Auclair

Year Graduated NU, School: 1992 Speech/CAS (RTVF/Comparative Literature)

Email address:

Snail mail address: 165 Belleview Drive #3, San Leandro, CA 94577

What have you been doing since? Received masters degree in English from Indiana University. Taught English and French in Mississippi with Teach for America.
I just finished my 3rd year teaching elementary school in Oakland. Now I am going to be changing careers to...educational policy? Public policy? Technical writing? Who knows?

Todd R. Brown

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): 1988-89; Matthew something

Year Graduated NU, School: 1992, CAS (now Weinberg)

Email address:


Snail mail address: Like my old friend Valinda, I have lived at too many addresses during the years ... currently I'm at 42 Murray Hill Square, New Providence, NJ 07974

What have you been doing since? What have you been doing since? I can't believe I was a teenager when I lived in Jones! Time flies when you're aging. I lived with Karola Schwartz, an almost-Jonesian (she was in Hinman and became a professor in Oklahoma), in Austin, Texas, for a few months after graduating, then drove way out West in 1993 with Ron Elesh and landed in San Francisco, home of Frank McIlveen (currently a pottery expert) and Barb Hansen (as well, briefly, as Val, who is a super-conservator of paper artifacts, if I understand correctly). During my "beat" years there I was forced to work entirely too often and learned desktop publishing and black-and-white photography. I also broke into journalism at newspapers, a wire service and even at a doomed dot-com. In 2001 I decided to get credentialed and enrolled in Medill's graduate magazine-publishing program, forcing me to move from foggy California back to my ancestral homeland. Yes, I was on campus in Evanston again, right across Sheridan Road from Jones, but it wasn't the same without y'all. I earned a master's in December 2002, then got the hell out of the Land of Lincoln. Now I'm in the New York area, looking for full-time work in photojournalism, graphic design and/or editing while I free-lance in guidebook publishing (copy editing and page layout) and jazz reporting ( Larry, thanks for the opportunity to share a this little morsel about myself with those long-ago chums who might enjoy it, and vice versa. Keep on artisticizin', folks!

Ron Elesh

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): 2

Year Graduated NU, School: CAS 1992

Email address/Webpage:

Snail mail address: 248 Cherokee #23, New Orleans, LA 70118

What have you been doing since? I am currently in my last year of medical school at Tulane. I'm going into general internal medicine and I'm currently interviewing for a residency position. Still single I am, though dating someone from Baltimore. No major plans other than to continue to travel as time permits.

I spent the summer after graduation doing healthcare work in Mexico and proceeded to have 14 different jobs in the next year and a half. All fell woefully short of anything worthwhile. I travelled to all the lower 48 and lived in San Francisco with Frank McIlveen and Todd Brown for several months in 1993. Since then, most of my efforts and all of my money have been sunk into my education so that's most of the interesting stuff.

There's nothing to miss about saga desserts, but I still see nifda sugar packets in odd diners here and there. Favorite vacation spot, for now, is Pacific Northwest with an emphasis on Vancouver, BC. I'm glad someone has the time to put this together.

Rachel Fowler

Years Lived in Jones: 88-89

Jean Williams, Christy Nelson

Year Graduated NU, School: 1992, Speech

Email address: or

Snail mail address: 25-56 38th Street #2 Astoria, NY 11103

What have you been doing since? Almost got married (thank god I didn't), moved to NYC 7 months ago - just closed a production of Three Sisters here in which I played Masha. Film; Wild America - Sarah (Miss Devonshire Cream '66). Working at Morgan Stanley and still getting men over 50 asking me out.

William Hickling

Years Lived in Jones: 4

Freshman Year: 1988

Roomate(s): Arnie Stux, Kevin Dzierzawski

Year Graduated NU, School: '92, Music

Email address:

Snail mail address: 802 W. 190th Street #4L, New York, NY 10040

What have you been doing since? After graduating from Northwestern in 1992, I moved to Los Angeles, to attend USC with the intention of receiving a Masters in Vocal Performance. Disappointed with the program, and with living in south central Los Angeles, I left school and moved to Hollywood. Over the next few years I continued studying voice, and worked several day jobs, eventually ending up in the Medical Department at Princess Cruises. Over the last few years my voice has continued to grow and mature. I am definitely a Heldentenor now, being able to sing roles like Bacchus, Siegmund, Parsifal, and the like. My friends tell me that singing Wagner has helped me get in touch with my inner barbarian. My voice teacher is in the process of moving to New York City. I arrived in mid-August having driven a 14 foot u-haul from Los Angeles (where I lived) to Oakland (to pick up furniture, etc, at my parents' house) to New York. What a scary, but interesting place America is! Now I am temping for money, and singing for hope for my future in the Big Apple.

Laurie Karsten (RA)

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): 1991-92 (RA)

Year Graduated NU, School: 1992, EDSP

Email address/Webpage:

Snail mail address: 500 Maine St., Apt. 1B Waltham, MA 02154

What have you been doing since? I got my master's in early childhood education at Lesley College in Cambridge. Did a full year internship at the Brookwood School in Manchester by the Sea. This year is my fifth year teaching second grade in Walpole Public School. Finally got overseas. Spent a week in London for a vacation. Found out you can't live on a teacher's salary. Been working nights, first at a restaurant, then at a liquor store. Spending a lot of time jogging and going to weddings.

Dan Nash

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): '88 - '92. (Yup, four years. How pathetic is that. Hey - couldn't beat the lakefront location, though, could ya?) Roommates: the studly Russ Fallstad (88-89) and the jazzy Kenneth Shaw (89-90). Single in 4 green the other two years.

Year Graduated NU, School: '92. B.S. in Speech/Theatre.

Email address/Webpage: |

Snail mail address: Email me for it. I may change apartments soon. I'm in Chicago.

What have you been doing since? Well, for a few years after school I had no life. None. Zip. Zippo. And you think I'm kidding. Ha! Worked at a couple bookstores. Worked in the box office of Chicago's Royal George Theatre for a couple years, but the inept management pretty much burned me out on the whole idea of theater as a business. Yuck! But then I got a computer, took to it like a fish to water, and started temping, which eventually landed me a job with the Chicago Park District doing some database work. Have some thoughts about going more into web design, and also possibly music. Some of you may have heard my piano doodlings in the practice rooms back then. A Rubenstein I'm not, but I think I'm damn close to a George Winston so who knows - currently saving for a real professional synthesizer (donations accepted) to get me started.

Oh, and those of you who graduated before 1990 might not now that I came out of the proverbial closet during my junior year - (those of you who didn't see through it before, that is. It wasn't hard.) The more adventurous readers who wish to learn more about that side of me may go to (But don't say I didn't warn you.)

Sometimes it seems I can't turn on a TV without seeing NU alums. Everyone catch Kirsten Nelson's "" commercials? Saw Mary Bessinger in an Empire Carpet ad years ago. Tony Crane (not a Jones alum, but an NU one) was the lead in the USA network "Big Easy" series a few years ago. And I swear that's J.P. Manoux in several other commercials lately. I had a great time in college, and it's really cool to hear what y'all are up to these days!

Dawn Pollock Jones

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): THREE RED THREE TIMES 1988-89 room 309 with Sara Levine 1989-90 room 311 with 1st Britta Gilmore then Gaby Santinelli 1990-91 room 312 single next door to
Heidi Sandige

Year Graduated NU, School: 1992 Speech (2nd major in English)

Email address/Webpage:

Snail mail address: 327 West 42nd Street, #4W New York, New York 10036-6913

What have you been doing since? When I graduated from NU, I ran off to Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Clown College. That's the extent of my graduate schooling. I didn't tour with Ringling, but I did tour with other shows - nationally for 1 1/2 years with Chamber Repertory Theatre of Boston, and around New England with Perishable Theatre's Theatre for Young Audiences. I also played Puss in Boots in Maine ("I've boots that are cute and that suit me to boot") and did some degrading Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre (but we don't need to go into that).
While I was touring, I passed through Evanston and used the Video Library. There's nothing quite like all those little booths with headphones.
There are other jobs in there, like work at a doctor's office and a beach club (I was in charge of booking entertainment and publishing a newsletter, not sweeping cabana's and serving fries). I stage managed a nightmarishly bad production of Macbeth in New Jersey, and from there, found my way into Manhattan where I acquired my IBM compatible computer complete with purple mouse pad. My Dad built the computer from bits of his old computer - he has a habit of upgrading his computer and consequently spawning other computers from the leftover components.
Now I'm living in NYC. Almost immediately after I moved here, I assisted the Exec Producer of the high profile (if not stellar) TNT's The Wizard of Oz in Concert. Then I had a day-player role on As The World Turns in which I played a couple of scenes as an ultra-perky ultra-irritating theme park employee. I've been in several major motion pictures as an extra, and am very much over it - One Fine Day, Private Parts and Game Day (which may go straight to video - ugh!). Commercials, I enjoy more, but would prefer to do work with more interesting subject matter. I'm working part time as a word processor at a law office - corporate - and would rather not need to.
I'm engaged to Carson Jones who's getting his Master's in screenwriting at Columbia University, and who always wears very imposing combat boots which lets me know when he's walking up the stairs to my fourth floor apartment. We'll be getting married May 17, 1998.
Heidi Sandige and I traveled through India from February through April 1997. It was fabulous for a change of perspective.
To finish, here's my current favorite cookie, because it's just so quick and easy:
MANILA WAFERS 1 stick butter 1 1/8 cups sugar 1 egg 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon baking powder 1 1/4 cups flour 1 teaspoon vanilla
Cream the butter with the sugar till they're well-acquainted, add the egg, then the sifted dry things and the vanilla. Then drop them by the teaspoonful onto a greased baking sheet and put it on the middle rack in a 400 degree F oven, to bake for 7 or 8 minutes. And watch them. When they start to brown, they BROWN.

Jean Williams

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): 1988-1992;
Rachel Fowler and Karen Hall

Year Graduated NU, School: School of Speech 1992

Email address/Webpage:

Snail mail address: 103 Tullialan Ln. Cary, NC 27511 (919)-467-5207

What have you been doing since? I am so glad to see the names and remember the faces of so many of you former Jonsians. It is great to hear about you and to know you are alive. Recently, many of you have been on my mind as I visited old NU and our old home, JONES, in January! I took a break from what I have been doing for the past 41/2 years and was home in Illinois for all of January. And then a friend asked me to go see a women;s basketball game at NU. Well, I had never been to a basket ball game at NU, so I thought - why not? It took me a while to actually find the sports center. Why did they put it 6 blocks from campus? Anyway, I dragged two other friends along and took them on a tour of my - our - little world at NU. We started at T.I.B. I gulped down my fear and made it up those steps to the office of my old acting teacher, Ann Woodworth. She wasn't there, so I left a note. But then I got bolder and found out her schedule. It just happened she was about to end one class and start another. It was great. She remembered me. (She's been getting my newsletter and reading it - more about that later) I asked if I and my three friends could watch the class. They were doing a scene from a Pinter play. It was so excellent to see people work on a five minute scene for an hour.

Then I draged my friends to JONES. (oh- first we got a parking ticket - as if I didn't already give 'em enough money) A guy who looked like Shawn let us in. I was showing my friends where we used to have Bible study my senior year down the hall near the paint room. all of a sudden guess who appeared from a darkened room? CARL! He was muttering, "....this is the only room they heat where you can take a nap....." I said, "Hey, Carl! Remember me? I used to live here six years ago." He said that he remembered me. I asked him if it was okay for us to go on the fourth floor to see the lake view. He said, "oh, sure." and unlocked the elevator for us and sent us up. Oh yeah! remember climbing on top of the elevator? Don't tell Jeremy and Hillary!

The fourth floor was like coming home except I think they must have sandblasted the painting off the suite walls because there was no evidence of our graffiti.

My next mission was the lake - my haven from the oppressive world of NU. I could persuade only one of my friends to brave the icy, January, lake effect winds. The lake is still a haven, a place of refuge.

Went to Siam Square that evening - remember the Thai food restaurant? Took me forever to remember where it was. Scott Parker met us there. Once again my friends thought I was crazy - no one else was in the restaurant.

Finally made it to the NU Women's game. Purdue won. who cares? I thought I might get a free NU alumni pass to see the game. Are you kidding? I probably would have had to pay a visitors fee to stay any longer.

Really, i love NU, but its the people I miss. I hope my path crosses with yours some day. If you're ever in North Carolina, that is where I am. Come and visit. For 41/2 years I was working with a non-profit Christian organization called New Life Ministries. We did Christian musical theatre and traveled all over the U.S. and the former Soviet Union. I played the part of a Tiger, Leopard, clowns, and other animals. Clarise the Clown was my favorite. In 96, I came on staff and did things like finances and organizing and administrating our Bible camps overseas. We went to the Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia and Russia. It was incredible. Going into the hospitals, orphanges and schools there was incredible. Have any of you been? I am still learning Russian, but speak some.

Then I burned out and needed to take a break, so that is what I am doing this year. I am working at a bookstore, enjoying the beach from time to time, and at some point will decide what is next.

God bless all of you. I would love to hear from you.

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