Freshman year 1987

Valinda Carroll | Check, John | Costin, Delida | Dicarlo, Lisanne | Dowe, Kate | Ellis, Kate | Glawatz, Peter | Hall, Karen | Kaufman, Tamara | Lovelady, Kate | McIlveen, Frank | Newman, Rochelle | Park, Allison | Pottor, Cindy | Rogge, Gretchen | Sandige, Heidi | Weinberg, Larry | White, Heather

Valinda Carroll

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any):

Year Graduated NU, School: 1991

Email address/Webpage:

Snail mail address: 408 Merrimac trail Apt. 3 Williamsburg, VA 23185 I haven't lived for two years at the same address since San Francisco. We'll see how long I stay in this one...

What have you been doing since? Current news:
Finished second M.A. (Art Conservation, State U. of NY/ Buffalo State College) in 1999 after a one year internship in Williamstown, MA; Spent last year at the Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts as an NEA postgraduate intern. Now I am a Marshall Steel intern at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, dangerously close to my hometown of Va. Beach). The first M.A. was in museum studies, way back in 1993 at Hampton U. In between, there was San Francisco (with Frank, Barb, Todd Brown, etc). No boyfriend, let alone a spouse. Newest vice:who wants to be a millionaire? Bought a ticket from Todd's little sister to watch NU lose the Rose bowl in 96

John Check

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): 1987-88; Roommate:
Larry Weinberg

Year Graduated NU, School: '91, music

Email address/Webpage:

Snail mail address: 70 Howe St., #401 New Haven, CT 06511

What have you been doing since? Since I graduated from Northwestern, I've led a quiet life. I'm attending graduate school, working toward a Ph.D. in music theory at Yale. It's probably more interesting to consider what I haven't done. I haven't married and haven't fathered any children. I haven't taken up rollerblading and haven't hiked across Europe. I haven't gotten a tattoo and haven't pierced by ears, or any other body part, for that matter. I haven't started drinking single-malt scotch and haven't run for political office. I can't help thinking I'd make a terrible politician, but that's not so bad a thing to realize.
I still miss Evanston. I miss having iced tea at Cafe Express in the morning as the Evanston Express rumbles toward its stop at Dempster Street. I miss walking in the alleys that run from Foster Street to Central Street and between Sheridan Road and Orrington Avenue. And I miss Chicago, especially the Lincoln Park neighborhood, its cafes and restaurants, its brownstones and streets--Halstad and Belmont, Roscoe and Clark.
I've been in the East for six years, and they've gone by quickly. I didn't like it at first, but it has grown on me, and I will miss it, too, when it is time for me to go.

Delida Costin

Years Lived in Jones: 1987-1989
Freshman Year: 1987
Roomate(s): Robin Johnson formerly Robin Duncan

Year Graduated NU, School: 1991 CAS

Email address/Webpage:

Snail Mail Address:

What have you been doing since? I got tired of my blurb, so I asked Larry to put it down. I'll update it shortly.

Lisanne Di Carlo

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): 2, and not nearly enough

Year Graduated NU, School: BM'91 and MM'92; MUSIC

Email address/Webpage:

Snail mail address: 5600 Gibson Blvd. SE #464, Albuquerque, NM 87108

What have you been doing since? Let's see... What am I doing... Oh yeah--I'm still unmarried but my sister has a child-- Uhhhh... I can't afford any more schooling although I do teach at the University of New Mexico once in a while where they pay me to teach other kids and I learn more from it than they do. Mainly, I work full time for the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra where I play my viola and function as a music librarian. I also freelance and play for other symphonies in New Mexico, Colorado and Texas. (Coincidentally I met up with Alan Hall's father, a bassonist. He lives near Taos, NM and rumor has it that Alan is trying to become a Lawyer.) It is so beautiful out here that I sometimes play quartets in the Jemez Mountains (usually up to our knees in a hot spring) with my friends just for fun. Since I have most of the summer to myself, I have taken to traveling the country with some other non-musician friends of mine just camping out and visiting Renaissance faires and the like, taking photos and just getting rid of the rest of the naivete that Jones life started to erase. I have since learned to fence, weight-lift, ride a motorcycle (Kawasaki ZL900 Eliminator) and to truly appreciate the who and what of the now, because now doesn't last long and regrets last forever. Although I miss NU and the all of you who read this, life is warm and good and I am starting to take auditions again so that I can do what we at Jones all set out to do: Be famous! (Or at least be associated with a really great orchestra...)--Take care all, and I hope to see more of you at our 10th reunion than I did at the 5th!!

Kate Dowe

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): 1987-88 with
Rochelle Newman, 1988-89 with Cindy Potter

Year Graduated NU, School: 1991, BS in Theatre

Email address/Webpage:

Snail mail address: 47-25 43rd Street #2R, Woodside, NY 11377

What have you been doing since? After living in Chicago for two years with Kevin Burrows and his fantastic mutt, Elektra, we both landed jobs in the European tour of "West Side Story" (played cities throughout Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands). Upon my return to Chicago, I co-choreographed the World Premiere of "Schoolhouse Rock Live!," directed by the insane Scott Ferguson. I moved to New York City on the recommendation of a guy I'd met on the "West Side" tour, and I lucked into a job in the original Broadway cast of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast." I stayed with the Broadway show for two years, went on the national tour of the show as the dance captain for two more years (and was almost as blown away by the sights around the U.S. as I was by those in Europe), and have returned to the Broadway company occasionally. Between stints at "The Beast," I have done some choreography and theatre dance teaching in New York and around the country, which I have found incredibly gratifying. I am now living with that guy, David, who talked me into moving here, and we are very happy. He's a director and performer. Our cat, Nala, is extremely cute and entertaining, although I never thought I'd love a cat after my experiences off-campus at NU. What do I want to be when I grow up? A choreographer, a mom, maybe some other stuff. By the way, I still haven't jumped out of a plane, but I still want to.

Kate Ellis

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): Lived in Jones Fall 1987 through Spring 1990,
Lisanne Dicarlo first year, Heidi Sandige second year, single third year

Year Graduated NU, School: 1991

Email address/Webpage:

Snail mail address: 407 E. 45th St. #213 Austin, TX, 78751 (512)452-9339

What have you been doing since? In second year of Grad school at UTexas, Theatre Design, Costume Emphasis. Doing fine, left Chicago after five years on staff and teaching for the theatre department at the College of DuPage. Grad school is grad school, want to finish and move on, but glad to be here. Texas should become its own country, Texans are fanatics about this place. It's friendly, but Texas isn't nearly as great as they seem to think it is. Nothing terribly exciting to report, spent the summer at the Utah Shakespearean Festival, had a great time, could have done without the Mormons. Scenery was beautiful.

Peter Jordan Glawatz

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): 87-88 - David Schwartz; 88-89 - Matt Heaton

Year Graduated NU, School: 1991, BS RTVF

Email address/Webpage:

Snail mail address: 1013 Carol Dr., Beverly Hills, Ca 90069

What have you been doing since? Me: I'm a lawyer, graduated from USC Law in '94, i used to be employed at Columbia TriStar Television in Los Angeles as a Director of Business Affairs. I'm now Executive Director of Business and Legal Affairs for Universal Television.I've gained about 70 pounds since college, so I'm up to about 180 - picture me WITH an ass. My interests are going to desert resorts, Tai Chi and making fun of losers.

Karen Hall

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): 3 years - all in 4 RUST. 1988-89 with Saku Papino; 1989-91 with
Jean Williams

Year Graduated NU, School: 1991, Music

Email address/Webpage:

Snail mail address:

What have you been doing since? What have you been doing since?: Hmmm, well . . . After NU, I went to grad school at UT-Austin. If you're gonna be in Texas, Austin is a pretty hip place to be (though I definitely missed the refuge and beauty of Lake Michigan). I got a Master of Music degree in voice and opera, and almost got a Doctor of Musical Arts in the same. I completed all of the course work, then was faced with comps and a dissertation and thought, "What am I, crazy?" So I quit school and moved to San Francisco and am living with another Jones alum, Rob Bailis. (Audry DeLucia also lives out here!) Since I've been here, I've done a couple of musicals, a couple of operas, and am performing a lot around town with my trio The Mirage Ensemble. It consists of me (the chirp), Rob and his clarinet, and a friend of mine from Austin (she moved out here at the same time) on the piano. We do mostly contemporary classical music (with a little Mozart and Schubert etc. thrown in for good measure) and have had several composers write pieces for us. I don't think I'll live here forever, but in the meantime, the weather and scenery are beautiful - it's hard not to like being here. Let's see, I'm not married, I have no children, I do have a gorgeous five year old Maine Coon cat. I wait tables to pay the bills (Sean Penn and Robin Wright are regular customers - my brush with celebrity at the moment) and am waiting for the day when the art supports itself. And at this time, I still have faith that one day it actually will.

Tamara Kaufman

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): 1987-88. Naomi Marlin.

Year Graduated NU, School: 1991, Music

Snail mail address: 205 W 102nd St. NYC 10025

What have you been doing since? Currently rehearsing for a production of La Boheme.

Kate Lovelady

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): 2: Maria Chandler, and single (ill-gotten)

Year Graduated NU, School: 1991, Poetry major from liberal arts school, which had some acronym I can't remember. Csomething?

Email address/Webpage: [okay that's not mine, but it's got my name on it]

Snail mail address: Guess where Billy and I are--Chapel Hill, NC, and it's great here, thanks. If you're still doing that Jones page thing tell the Joneses if any are down here they should look me up. (919) 960-8285

What have you been doing since? Oh Geez. Hiked Grand Canyon, went to Wales, paid off my loans, moved to Seattle, moved to upstate New York, moved to Manhattan, became editorial assistant at W. W. Norton (English college books--those giant anthologies, yes), moved to Brooklyn, quit job to become freelance copy editor, moved back upstate, recently did some more kick-ass hiking (mostly my own ass was kicked) with Frank McIlveen (hi Frank!). Throughout, have failed to master several musical instruments, have organized play readings, have had fabulous affairs that are none of your business, have continued writing poetry and worked on collaborations with artists [and no you can't have a copy of the calender, Dawn, because I'm all out, but it may be on the Web soon], wrote some songs, recently started belly dancing lessons, big fun. Now, the important thing is that I AM LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO MOVE. MUST BE PRETTY, SMALL, WARMER THAN NEW YORK, HAVE INTELLEGENT PEOPLE, CULTURE, MUSIC SCENE. Please help with suggestions. So far everyone has told me Chapel Hill, so that's covered.

Announcing the final put-uppedness of Small Pond, the website that four lucky poets can use to answer the questions What do you do? and/or Are you still writing? The inaugural Winter 1998 issue contains poems by Jesse Abbot, Kate Lovelady, Karen Schoenhals, and Gwydion Suilebhan. Geniuses all (of course), with different styles for your varied reading pleasure. The site also contains a link to the art/poetry from Reasonable Dreams, the 1997-98 calendar by Henry Chung and Kate Lovelady, for those of you who missed out on that limited run.

Francis McIlveen (aka Frank)

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): 1987-88, roomed with Dave/Mike Lapthorn
1988-89, roomed with Brian Tallman

Year Graduated NU, School: 1991, B.A. in school of bullshit (aka CAS)

Email address: (or)


Snail mail address: 539 8th st # 3 oakland, ca 94607 and the phone is 510-839-7061 (i seem to be moving about once per year, getting fucked by rent hikes each time)

What have you been doing since? Well, after graduating in comparative literature AND THEORY, I travelled with Kate Lovelady and Jill Marquis around the Southwest U.S. (grand canyon, new mexico, old mexico where the cops made us pay a bribe), then settled down in tucson arizona with jill after kate rejected me. while there we delivered newspapers in the wee hours of the morning and i moonlighted days, selling karoake machines to mexican shoppers up for the day from Nogales. When that got boring, we moved to San Francisco. Then jill moved to portland. In San Francisco, I taught transcendental meditation to at-risk youth and lonely housewives in exchange for all their earthly possessions. At this point I felt confident enough to launch my own home-grown religion, which by 1993 had a following of about 450 was a hybrid of presbyterianism and sufist mysticism. The religion was banned by the board of supervisors, after it was leaked to the media that my second in command was embezzling most of the funds. I decided to take a 'vacation' and left for ecuador and, later, peru. In the jungles of Ecuador, I taught english to members of a village of siona-secoya indians for a brief while. I also took lots and lots of larium (mefloquine) which made me have severely graphic and bizrre dreams and made my hair fall out...but most of it grew back. after coming back to san francisco, i got a part time job at the public library (which i still have, on the bookmobile [it's supposed to play 'on the sunny side of the street' when we are at a stop, but the boss 'accidentally' rammed the loudspeaker into a tree] and i enjoy it immensely) and bought some paint brushes and signed up to model (yes, the way i was born) for art classes, in order to get the inside scoop on how to paint--like taking classes, but not only for free..BUT WHILE GETTING PAID!!! OOOH yeah! Other important events: I located both of my birth-parents. I actually met my birth-mom, it was intense, and completely recontextualized the nature/nurture question for me; talked with my birth-father...he denies it, and is basically an asshole like me. Now, i am living one day at a time, sweet jesus.

Rochelle Newman

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): 1987-1990. 87/88 -
Kate Dowe 88/89 - next door to Heather White 89/90 - next door to Heidi Sandige

Year Graduated NU, School: 1991, Speech

Email address/Webpage: or (this is still in the midst of revisions)

Snail mail address: 2240 Scales Bend Rd., North Liberty, IA 52317

What have you been doing since? Well, I just moved out to Iowa. Yes, Iowa. (Dave calls it "Hell with corn"). I have a tenure-track faculty position in the psychology department at the University of Iowa, and am teaching courses on memory, language, and cognition. I've spent the last 6 years working on my PhD in speech and language in the psych. dept. of the University of Buffalo (UB). I've also finished a sign-language interpreting program.
I married David Rossell (Medill '91, lived at CRC), and we share our house with 5 ferrets, a Scottish deerhound (a really BIG dog, right, Larry?), and an iguana named Sicard. David (for those of you who knew him) is starting as a teacher/technology coordinator at an independent high school in West Branch, Iowa, teaching history and literature and setting up their computer network (and coaching soccer). He's also trying to finish his Ph.D. in American history from UB, and hopes to do some fencing on the side.

Allison Park

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): 87-88 with
Heidi Sandige

Year Graduated NU, School: CAS '91 (BA in Philosophy

Email address/Webpage: email only :-( but welcome all replies
I am moving back to Chicago and will have a new email address within the month.

Snail mail address: My snail mail address will be at my parents until further notice 111 Franklin Street Geneva, IL 60134

What have you been doing since? After NU, I hung around Evanston not finding a job. Then, moved back home, to work in a temporary position in my hometown (Geneva, IL). Then, the following spring, on a lark, I went up to the Twin Cities, liked what I saw, found a job and moved there all in a span of two weeks. Since then, I have held almost every conceivable position in the company from collections to sales to supervisory and finally to computer programmming. None of this I actually planned but I have learned that I enjoy variety and am hopeful I have found a niche with computer programming since technology is an ever changing field. Over the last few years, I have kept in touch with some of our fellow Jonesites and now getting in touch with those I lost track of. It is wonderful to hear all the diverse places we have gone. OK, now I am sounding overly sentimental, I apologize. Drop me a line or an email sometime. I would love to hear from all you Jonesians.
After five great years in Minnesota, I have decided to move back to the Windy City. I will be working at Morton International in Chicago as an Applications Programmer.

Cindy Potter

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): 2

Year Graduated NU, School: 1991

Email address/Webpage:
(Caution!!!!!! I'm lazy and all that's up on my web page so far is a bunch of pictures that will have absolutely no meaning to anyone who doesn't know every detail of my life since 1991. Text will follow when I get off my ass.)

Snail mail address: 704 Wayside Drive Austin, TX 78703
(Another caution!! I'm moving in early August but don't know where yet. I'll have my mail forwarded, though.)

What have you been doing since?
marital status

actively & successfully avoiding committment
graduate work
Master of Arts in Teaching, Alaska Pacific University (1993)
Director of Editorial & Marketing Services for Publishers Resource Group (an educational publishing consulting company)
children (legitimate or not)
1 boyfriend
travels around the world
Lived in Alaska for 2 years; visit Boston a lot; going to Vegas next month for the first time.
Have become a fairly proficient Tarot reader. (I enjoy having people base crucial life decisions on my "interpretation" of the cards.) Enjoying life as an ineffectual middle-management suck-up. Definitely high-octane (6 cups a day, baby!). Have discovered new drink, Bad-Ass Candy Necklace (1/2 glass Absolut Currant, 1/2 glass Banana Liqueur--really does taste like a candy necklace mixed with rubbing alcohol). Things I wish I'd done while at NU but didn't: Throw up on the El; tell all those musical-theatre people to wipe the smiles off their faces; used sulfuric acid wash to remove all paint from The Rock; had sex on the grate above that really big proscenium theatre during a performance of Long Day's Journey Into Night. My parachute was turquoise (really! check out my lame web site!)

Gretchen Rogge

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): 87-89;
Cindy Pottor

Year Graduated NU, School: 1992 CAS

Email address/Webpage:

Snail mail address:

What have you been doing since? Just graduated from B.U. law and took the Ohio bar exam, so I now have time to fill out Larry's marvelous survey. Moving to Cleveland this month.

Heidi Sandige

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): 1987-88:
Allison Park, 1988-89: Kate Ellis, 1989-90: Next door to Rochelle Newman, 1990-91: Next door to Dawn Pollock

Year Graduated NU, School: 1991, CAS English and Women's Studies

Email address/Webpage:

Snail mail address: 4 Ivaloo Somerville, MA 02143

What have you been doing since? I just don't know what to say to make this interesting. I wrote about two pages and then reconsidered. Nobody would want to hear all that. Just suffice it to say, I dropped out of Yale to join the Peace Corps, was evacuated from a middle eastern country in the middle of a civil war, was a kept woman in New Orleans for a while, worked in Korea and Malaysia and travelled all over Asia for approximately two and a half years (e.g., trekked in the Himalayas, rode camels across the desert in India, dove with sharks in Thailand and the Maldives, hunted (cameras only) tigers on foot in Nepal, topless fishing with the native women in Indonesia), and am changing careers; now I think I want be a doctor when I grow up. I guess if you're really interested in that stuff, you'll just have to get in contact with me.

Larry Weinberg

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): 87-88, 88-89, 90-91, Freshman year-
John Check

Year Graduated NU, School: CAS, 91; Ed, 92

Email address/Webpage:

Snail mail address: 32 King Street Hillside, NJ 07205

What have you been doing since? Masters degree in education. Taught at school for behavior disordered children, Law Degree, began doctoral program in education. Miscelaneaous part-time jobs. Three engagements (one current), each weirder than the next. Rented lots of movies. Created Jones webpage. No new fetishes, just old ones. Baked lots of cookies and a few tortes. Adpted various recipes for both. Became quite the hostess. Learned how to change diapers, even poopie ones. Have no mouse pad, just a square in my laptop that moves my mouse. No parachute. Went into tremendous amount of debt.

UPDATE 7/14/99 On June 27, 1999, my third fiance finally became my first wife.

So, this past summer (2000) I quit my job at Northwest Missouri state University. Small town life wasn't for me and my wife had full time work in Overland Park, where we would go to spend the sabbath. I am currently a housewife, though i am looking for a job. i am not sure what I want to do as I am a typical aimless Gen-Yer. Suggestions would be appreciated. My hobby for the past year has been genealogy. I can now name over 150 of my ancestors and a few thousand cousins-no Jonesian cousins yet. But I am still looking.

March 2004. Living in New Jersey for a year an a half. I am now officially a lawyer working at an actual lawfirm. I am going to be moving out soon. I don't know what my new address will be, but I will try and find something accessible to the City and near work, which is in Roseland.

Heather White

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): 2 ('87-'88, '88-'89) Renee Konefal ('87-'88), single ('88-'89)

Year Graduated NU, School: '91 CAS English

Email address/Webpage:

Snail mail address:

What have you been doing since? Marital status: single
Graduate work: M.S. Speech-Language Pathology from Syracuse University
What have you been doing since: After graduating from NU, I went straight on to law school (BU) in the fall of '91. I was at BU for a year and a half and then came to the decision that law wasn't what I wanted to do with my life. I left and ended up in upstate New York (the land of winter darkness and tons of snow). I've lived in and around Syracuse for the last 5 years. This past spring I finished my masters in Speech-Language Pathology and I'm currently working as a speech-language pathologist in two Syracuse city elementary schools. The job is rewarding, but also challenging, as I work in the inner city and the kids have to deal with poverty, drugs, abuse and violence in their homes. Over the summers I've been taking ceramics classes, photography classes, and growing a wildflower garden in my back yard. I plan to move back to Massachusetts (where I'm from) in July or August of this year, so I'll keep everyone posted. Can you believe that the Northwestern football team is actually good now? GO CATS!

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