Freshman year 1986

Amstutz, Katie | Braver, Ross

Katie Amstutz (now Rampen)

Years Lived in Jones (and Roommates, if any): '86-'87 (Alena Anderson) '87-'88 (Jill) Both of whom I've lost touch with...any news on their where-abouts?

Year Graduated NU, School: 1990, Speech

Email address/Webpage:

Wedding pictures.

Pictures of Kayleigh Rampen, Katie's daughter.

Snail mail address: 8027 Nardian Way Los Angeles, CA 90045

What have you been doing since?
The big news of the year is that on the 4th of July, 1998, I got engaged to my long time beau, Ernst Rampen and we bought a house in Westchester. I have been working at the William Morris Agency for the past year and am currently looking for a new job/career to supplement my continuing addiction to acting.

Ross Braver

Years Lived in Jones: 2

Roomate(s): John Kelly, Greg Buell

Year Graduated NU, School: '90, R/TV/F


Email address:

Snail mail address: 6400 St. Helena Rd., Santa Rosa, CA 95404

What have you been doing since? I was in Hawaii for 5 years and worked in both public television and coverage of the Hawaii State Legislature. Now I'm in beautiful Sonoma County and am (1 hr. north of San Francisco) and am working to design the area's fiber-optic network for voice, video and data. I think I gave Peter Glawatz my 70 pounds, (picture me WITHOUT an ass well, actually, let's say a proportionate ass).

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