Today's Headlines 11/22/04

(emailed 12/18/04)

* House Republicans acted today to change the rules so that a party leader could continue to remain in his post if indicted, imprisoned, or defeated in an election.

* K-mart and Sears announced that the combined company will be called Bankruptcy Mart or B-Mart. The company will concentrate its effort on the ever growing population in this country that has gone bankrupt. New product lines will include socks with holes in them, shoes without soles, and slicks with a kerchief to carry around one's entire belongings.

* European officials have decided to discount statements by Iranian ex-patriots who have stated that Iran still is developing a nuclear weapons program. A spokesman for the European Union stated that the United States had trusted statements by Iraqi ex-patriots that hussein had a nuclear weapons program and that The European Union was not going to fall for that trick.

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