Today's Headlines 9/29/03

Today's Headlines * The White House announced today that Karl Rove will not be admitting that he ordered the leak that James Wilson's wife was a CIA agent--Justice Department issues statement that if Karl Rove isn't going to admit it, then there's no point in having an investigation

* Grey Davis has challenged Arnold Schwarzenegger to a weight-lifting contest for the governor's mansion--Schwarzenegger's poeple announce that he will no participate in such an even since he knows he can lift more than davis so there's really no point

* Details on $87 billion for Iraqi reconstruction released--$100 million for new undisclosed location for Dick Cheney--$50 million to destroy CIA memoranda regarding the falsity of Uranium cake allegation--$27 million for tea cozies--$1 .2 billion for postage stamps--$5 to switch to new long distance carrier--$15 million to pay Ken Lay's attorney's fees--$2 million to repay Darryl Issa for funding the California recall

* First lady Laura Bush to become Jacques Chirac's mistress--President bush responds by putting all of France on his "Do Not Call" list

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