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My Ancestors

My ancestors lived in the town of Rexingen from at least the mid-eighteenth century until the Holocaust. Much of the information I have learned about these ancestors has come from the book In Stein Gehauen (discussed below). I am a descendant of five different Rexingen familes. Please note that the trees only include only a few generations in order to protect the privacy of the living.


Notes about Families in Rexingen

About the Town


Gemeinde (Town) Rexingen (now part of Horb)
Latitude 48d27m N
Longitude 8d42m E
Kreis (County) Freudenstadt
Regierungsbezirk (Administrative District) Karlsruhe
Land (Modern German State) Baden-Württemberg
Older German State Württemberg

Jewish Population

1648      2 fam.
1710      18 fam.
1800      49 fam.
1807      240
1824      317
1854      427
1869      354
1880      ~420
1900      387
1910      355
1925      307
1933      262
1937      217
1939      151


Someone told me the Rexingen records are available through the following address. I have written, but not heard anything yet.

Israelitesche Religionsgemeinschatt
7000 Stuttgart 1
Hospitalstrasse 36





If you have any information about the Jewish community in this town or have ancestors with the same surname, please contact me.