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My Ancestors

I have discovered two ancestral lines that go back to the Jewish community in Hechingen.

Please note that the trees only include a few generations in order to protect the privacy of the living.


Notes about Families in Hechingen

About the Town


Gemeinde (Town) Hechingen
Latitude 48d21m N
Longitude 8d58m E
Kreis (County) Zollernalbkreis (Balingen)
Regierungsbezirk (Administrative District) Tübingen
Land (Modern German State) Baden-Württemberg
Older German State Hohenzollern

Jewish Population

1544      10 fam.
1701      6 fam.
1737      30 fam.
~1775     37 fam.
1842      809
1858      469
1880      340
1895      233
1910      152
1925      111
1933      101
1939      45




If you have any information about the jewish community in this town or have ancestors with the same surname, please contact me.