Photographs I Have Found While Doing Genealogy

My Grandmother's Gymnastics Club in Creglingen (1924) My Grandmother, Fanny Oberndoerfer Stein (1899-1980) in 1924 My Great Grandparents Leopold Stein (1855-1921) and Hanchen Aron Stein (1860-1903)
Eugen Neter (1876-1976), sitting, a well known doctor in Mannheim, my fourth cousin twice removed Isaac Weinberg (1869-1940), my great-great grandfather's brother and his sons Sam (1886-1955) and Meyer (abt 1889-abt 1950) Joseph Pressburger (1858-1938), my great-great grandfather's brother
Max Oberdoerfer's (1869-1927), my great-granfather's, home in 1914 during a flood (Salomon Oberdoerfer was his father) Closeup of my family during the flood (are those my great grandparents?) Pictures from my father's, Brian Weinberg's, Bar Mittzvah in 1958
Family of Maier Auerbacher and Frieda Hoffman Wedding picture of Simon and Anne Weinberg (1939) My great-grandmother Tillie (Toba) Neiman (Najman) (1884-1959) at my father's Bar Mitzvah in 1958
Madame Karola Raphael Kaulla (1739-1809) wife of Salomon Auerbacher, a distant cousin Berthold Auerbach (1812-1882) well-known German author and a distant cousin

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