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My Ancestors

I have three separate ancestral lines from Dettensee. I can trace all three to the 1700s. One line traces back to the Jewish community in Hürben, now Krumbach. I am currently particularly interested in the Hirsch family and establishing that I am related to that large Dettensee family.

I would like to thank Herbert Zander for providing me with a great deal of information about my ancestors in Dettensee. His help has been invaluable.

Please note that the trees only include a few generations in order to protect the privacy of the living.


Notes about Families in Dettensee

About the Town


Gemeinde (Town) Dettensee (now part of Horb)
Latitude 48d27m N
Longitude 8d42m E
Kreis (County) Freudenstadt
Regierungsbezirk (Administrative District) Karlsruhe
Land (Modern German State) Baden-Württemberg
Older German State Hohenzollern

Jewish Population

1764      23 fam.
1809      126
1830      173
1890      100
1898      48
1907      4
1933      2


Area around Dettensee    This map was created using Shtetl Seeker a service of Jewish Gen. Small map showing relationship between Horb, Rexingen, Dettensee, and Nordstetten (32k) Large map showing Hechingen, Horb, Haigerloch, Baisingen, and Tuebingen (228k)



If you have any information about the jewish community in this town or have ancestors with the same surname, please contact me.