Photos of one Auerbacher Family

Maier and Frieda Auerbacher

Frieda Hoffmann (unk-1935) and Maier (Wilhelm) Auerbacher (1860-1937)

Parents of Emma, Seline, Arthur, and Lina Auerbacher

Auerbacher Siblings

Seated, Left to Right: Emma Auerbacher (1893-unk), Seline Auerbacher (1899-unk), Arthur Auerbacher (1898-unk)

Auerbachers in about 1928

In back: Maier (Wilhelm) Auerbacher (1860-1937) and Lina Auerbacher (1908-1985)

In front: Frieda Hoffmann (unk-1935), Berthold Julius Auerbacher (baby), Johanna Freund (Arthur's wife) (1896-Holocaust), Arthur Auerbacher (1898-unk)

Haberers in 1958

Standing Left to Right: Lina Auerbacher (1908-1985), Yvonne Haberer, and Paul Haberer (1905-1959)

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